Human resources

If you would like to join TransBank in order to strengthen your knowledge, skills, experience and achieve success to become a valued and competent employee in a banking sector, welcome to join us. 

Joining with us: 

Employees and Pleasant work environment 

  • The competent bankirs and young leaders of TransBank, who have the high goals, aspirations to succeed and inspirations, warm welcoming and opportunities to develop and get promoted in the future joining with us;
  • The pleasant work environment that is provided all the convinience of employees;
  • The flexible working hours. 

Salary and Remuneration

  • The salary policy is flexible and competitive in a banking and financial sector depends on the job, position, level, experience and skills of our employees and we evaluate the employee's performance fairly for the remuneration. 
  • We evaluate the leading and best employees for rewarding with the cash and non-cash and reward of Bank of Mongolia, Ministry of Mongolia, the MBA and Mongolian Youth Federation. 
  • TransBank supports and gives the following benefits as cash or non-cash. 
    • Maternity/Paternity leave /employee who gave birth or have a child/
    • Sick leave /in case of long term treatment/
    • Compassionate leave
    • Retirement 
    • Accidently death 
    • Marriage 
    • Training 

Support the social problems

  • In occassion of International Children's Day and New Year, TransBank prepare the presents to the family and children of employees.
  • The service of acuclosure to support the health of employees. 
  • Annual medical check, medical test and vaccine to prevent the sickness of employees. 
  • Salary loan and credit card are available for low interest rate and processed promptly.

Training and Development

  • New employee orientation program.
  • Opportunity of participating trainings and conference of domestic and foreign.
  • Opportunity of retraining and developing the management team and organize the training and session of Leadership for administrators quarterly as career planning policy in order to discuss the conclusion of success and strategy. Besides that well-known lectors are invited for sharing the experience and practical knowledge. 

Public activities

Committee of Sport, Culture, Art and Health

  • The committee members consist of representatives of the Bank and responsible for organizing the activities and events of sports, celebration, good deeds campaign and donation in order to contribute the improvement of the unity, team working and corporate culture. In particular, the activities of basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and hiking, event of New year, Thanksgiving day and International Women's day are held.

Birthday celebration

  • To join with TransBank, an employee receive the birthday present and paid leave on your actual birth date. Monthly birthday celebration is held with high importance of the Committee of Sport, Culture, Art and Health and effective training and lectures are organized. 

Recruitment /recruitment phase and process/

  • Accepting applications
  • Identifying candidates 
  • General knowledge test
  • First interview
  • Professional skills test
  • Second interview
  • Final interview
  • Job offer

Guiding principles of Recruitment: 

  • Fair and apparent;
  • No personal judgement and not to be influenced by management or co-worker;
  • Announcement of open vacancies and provide the competion of the internal and external sources;
  • To provide an opportunity to express and introduce one's.

"New Graduate - The First Job" Internship /Opportunity of internship for 3rd or 4th grade students/

TransBank provides an internship opportunity based on official request of the student or university objectives to ensure the theoretical knowledge, expand the practical knowledge, acquaint with the operations, products and services of the Bank and support to become competent employee in the future. The following recruitment requirements of HR.  


  • 3rd grade or above of a university or institute;
  • 3.0 or higher GPA;
  • Advanced level of English verbal and written skills;
  • Team working; 
  • Good communication skills; 
  • Ability to work on basic computer programs;
  • Good attitude. 


The following required documents shall be submitted to HR. 

  • Official request letter from the university/institute for practice;
  • Guidelines of internship;
  • Application form of Internship; 
  • Job Application form of TransBank;
  • Score list, confirmed by the university;
  • Copy of citizenship ID;
  • Statement of residence. 
  • 1 copy of photograph. 

There is an opportunity to rectuit as a permanent employee if an intership was successfully. 

Please submit the job application form via online and e-mail to or submit in person at the Bank office. 


Online application form
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