UnionPay debit card

Card service terms:

Annual fee* 20,000 MNT 10 USD 50 CNY
Valid date 3 years
Cash withdrawal from TransBank branches** 200 MNT 0.2% (min USD0.2) 0.2% (min CNY2)
Cash withdrawal from other banks' АТМ** 500 MNT
Cash withdrawal from agent banks' АТМ/TDBM, UB city bank, Capitron/** 300 MNT
Cash withdrawal from foreign banks' branches Impossible
Cash withdrawal from foreign banks' ATM** 2% 2% (min USD3) 2% (min CNY20)
To check account balance from TransBank branches** 100 MNT
To check account balance from other banks' ATM** 100 MNT
To check account balance from foreign banks' branches and ATM** 0.3 USD + issuer banks fee
Change PIN code /at АТМ/** 100 MNT
Requesting new PIN code /at Bank/ 0 MNT
Reordering fee /except for expired card/ 0 MNT
Daily ATM withdrawal limit 25,000,000 MNT 10,000 USD 65,000 CNY
Daily POS purchase limit 100,000,000 MNT 40,000 USD 250,000 CNY

*The exempt from the first year fee only if you order a new card during the campaign. 

**Fees for these transactions will be refunded to your account the next business day.

Documents required

Mongolian citizen:

  • Service application /download/;
  • Valid national registration ID;

Foreign citizen:

  • Foreign passport /original;
  • Certificate of alien registration.