China Cooperation Division has been established to support the bank’s international relationship, especially with Chinese enterprises and individuals, to develop mutually beneficial financial services to business partnerships between the two countries, and to provide comprehensive financial services which meet international standards.  

To support our clients who are expanding their businesses internationally, especially with Chinese enterprises. We offer services include:

  • Investment opportunities
  • Financial advising
  • Financial risk mitigation
  • Cash management  

For Chinese citizens who are residing in Mongolia, we provide banking information and consulting services and also deliver Mongolia's economic and financial situation news regularly. We are working to provide comprehensive banking services in both Mongolian and Chinese languages, such as giving companies the necessary guidance and advice to start their businesses.  

Transport and Development Bank is set to strengthen the relation between Mongolia and China by contributing the expansion of the strategic partnership between the two countries.




  • 投资机会
  • 金融与法律咨询服务
  • 降低财务风险
  • 现金管理等服务