Fees and commission

Service type Fee
LC risk premium (non cash covered) 2% - 4% (annually)
LC issuance USD100
Amendment to increase LC amount or extend LC USD30
Amendments to other LC condition USD30
Checking of documents under an unconfirmed LC (each set) USD50
Receipt of LC cancellation request (upon consent of the other parties) USD30
Payment under LC USD25
LC confirmation by foreign bank -
Inquiries by request of customer USD10
Discrepancy charge to each set of documents USD50
Service type Fee
LC advising USD20
LC advise through USD50
Advising of each amendment or cancellation USD10
Adding confirmation on LC 1%-3% (min USD150)
Documents checking under LC by request of the client (each set)   USD50*
Receipt of documents and delivery to other banks (each set) USD25*
Acceptance of draft USD50
Negotiation of sight LC 0.7% (min USD350)
Discounting of deferred payment LC /forfeiting/ (min USD350)
Transfer transferrable LC USD100
Inquiries by request of customer USD10
LC cancellation by request of the customer USD25