E-Banking (www.etransbank.mn) provides you with an opportunity to receive banking services from any device with internet connection regardless of time and location.

Advantages of the E-Banking service

  • Save time and costs;
  • High security protection;
  • Receive the banking services from all over the world connected to the Internet access;
  • Access to the mobile phones with Internet networks;
  • Corporate user interface (the transaction has been entered by an accountant, a director could review and approve the transaction)
  • Bulk transaction possibilities;
  • Creating and saving transaction templates;
  • Once the transaction has been successfully executed, the transaction information will be send to your e-mail address and mobile phones;
  • Privacy: To protect the security of the customer's money and information, we use a variety of security tools for internet banking services. These include:
    • Login Password
    • One-time password /OTP/

One-time password that is able to use once cannot be used ever again. Our bank provides the OTP application for internet banking service users’.

Documents required: 


  • Citizen identification card or foreign passport
  • Completed service application form
  • Sign on service contract


  • Corporate official’s formal request 
  • Citizen identification card or foreign passport
  • Completed service application form
  • Sign on service contract

Mobile Bank application is one of the E-Banking service channel for your smartphone.

Service features

  • To check account balance and to see account statement;
  • To make transaction between own accounts, TransBank accounts and Interbank accounts;
  • To find out location of Bank branches and time tables (by lists and on map);
  • To receive exchange rate information;
  • To use loan and savings calculator;

Requirements for smartphones

  • The operating system of smartphones shall be Android and iOS;
  • The smartphones need to connected with the internet access /3G or higher internet access or Wi-Fi/


  • TransBank’s E-Banking service username and login password shall be used to access mobile banking application.

SMS alert service sends message to customer’s mobile phone informing every transaction made in its account. Customer will choose the minimum transaction amount to be informed.

Advantages of the SMS alert service

  • SMS service is 24-hour service;
  • Receive account information instantly and have full control of your account;
  • Prevent from risks on duplicate transactions;
  • Monitoring your payment card and account transactions immediately;


  • Informing incoming transaction;
  • Informing outgoing transaction;

Cellular operators participating in this service

  • Mobicom;
  • Unitel;
  • Skytel;
  • G-mobile;

Fees and Commissions

  • Registration fee: 0 MNT
  • Message sending charge from bank: 50 MNT

Temporary deactivate or activate the service

  • Customer is able to visit the Bank branch to deactivate or activate service;
  • Customer is able to make a call at Call Center 7716-9999 and 8888-4299 /Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype/ to only deactivate service;


  • For security reasons you shall not give your mobile phone to others. (If the mobile phone saves sent messages, please delete all the sent messages of the special number immediately);
  • You are able to register two or more accounts in SMS alert service;
  • If your mobile phone is stolen, lost or the phone number is changed, you must inform Bank immediately. The bank is not responsible for loss caused by late notification;

Required documentation

  • Citizen identification card or foreign passport
  • Completed service application form




Annual fee

100 MNT

Transaction /income, interbank transfer/

100 MNT + Interbank transaction

fee 200 MNT/500 MNT

Cash withdrawal /from TransBank/

200 MNT

Cash withdrawal /*from the member of Most Money/

300 MNT

Purchase transaction

No fee

Charge phone credit

100 MNT

Various services /ticket, content/ and QR payment

100 MNT + Interbank transaction

fee 200 MNT/500 MNT

Balance, to check the last transaction


Password, Create pin code


Increase the daily limit


 *- Trade and development bank, Capitron bank, Ulaanbaatar city bank