Credit line

Product terms:

Maximum amount  The maximum amount of the loan shall be determined by the business size, capital and financial capability. The Bank's financing will not exceed 80% of total working capital.
Interest /monthly/ 1.5%-1.17% 1.2%-0.75% 1.2%-0.9% 1.2%-0.9% 0.9%-0.5%
Interest /yearly/ 18.6%-14.04% 14.4%-9.0% 14.4%-10.8% 14.4%-10.8% 10.8%-6.0%
Commitment rate 2.8%-4.2% /annual/ 2.0%-3.6% /annual/ 1.5%-3.0% /annual/
Period Up to 60 months Up to 36 months
Service fee 1% on loan amount /Up to 1,500,000 MNT/ 0.5% on loan amount /Up to 1500 USD or equivalent other currencies/
Increased interest  Equivalent to 20% of interest rate 
Amendment fee 0%
Application fee 10,000 MNT
Reference fee /Loan database/* Private - 1,000 MNT
Corporate - 1,000 MNT

*Effective from January 01, 2021.

Requirement to loan applicant:

  • Must be operating in the current field of business for no less than 12 months;
  • Must have no loan default at other banks or financial institutions;
  • The maximum size of the business credit line should not exceed 80% of the working capital of the loan.