The Internal Audit Division with the aim and objective of creating the desired outcomes of every client of the internal audit and increasing and improving the value adds of the Bank`s operations conducts and advises on the following systems and principles through independent, scientific approaches:


  • Internal auditing and monitoring system and structure
  • Risk management system and structure

The Internal Audit Division reports the results of auditing and audit report to the Boards of Directors and informs the Executive Management Team of the results. The Boards of Directors and the Audit Committee ensure the independence of internal auditing and take systemic measures to build the human resource of internal auditing.

In 2017, the Internal Audit Division has adopted the principles of internal auditing proposed by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway (COSO) in its assessment of internal auditing system and structure. In addition, it has been conducting the auditing of information systems in accordance with international standards and has continuously improved the effectiveness of auditing in decision making. For the future, the Internal Audit Division aims to fully meet the expectation of the Boards of Directors, Audit Committee, the Management Team, and employees through a close cooperation with them and bring the development of internal auditing to a new level by adopting the best international practices of internal auditing.