SMS alert service sends message to customer’s mobile phone informing every transaction made in its account. Customer will choose the minimum transaction amount to be informed.

Advantages of the SMS alert service

  • SMS service is 24-hour service;
  • Receive account information instantly and have full control of your account;
  • Prevent from risks on duplicate transactions;
  • Monitoring your payment card and account transactions immediately;


  • Informing incoming transaction;
  • Informing outgoing transaction;

Cellular operators participating in this service

  • Mobicom;
  • Unitel;
  • Skytel;
  • G-mobile;

Fees and Commissions

  • Registration fee: 0 MNT
  • Message sending charge from bank: 50 MNT

Temporary deactivate or activate the service

  • Customer is able to visit the Bank branch to deactivate or activate service;
  • Customer is able to make a call at Call Center 7716-9999 to only deactivate service;


  • For security reasons you shall not give your mobile phone to others. (If the mobile phone saves sent messages, please delete all the sent messages of the special number immediately);
  • You are able to register two or more accounts in SMS alert service;
  • If your mobile phone is stolen, lost or the phone number is changed, you must inform Bank immediately. The bank is not responsible for loss caused by late notification;

Required documentation

  • Citizen identification card or foreign passport
  • Completed service application form