TransBank has been participated successfully and enterprising in “World Savings Day” Campaign for the second year and named one of the Top three banks. The campaign is objective to make understanding the importance of savings and financial literacy and is implemented by the representative office in Mongolia of Sparkasse Bank Foundation of Federal Republic of Germany with the support and participation of the Bank of Mongolia, Mongolian Bankers Association, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia and 13 commercial banks of Mongolia. The campaign was organized under the slogan “Saving money” with the purpose of increasing the financial participation of the customers and improving financial allotment and providing financial stability of Mongolia.

In the framework of campaign, TransBank has initiated and implemented activities and produced video contents of financial psychology to the public that shows the impact of financial psychology, financial literacy and possibilities to improve the habit of saving money.

In additional, the content contest was organized under the slogan “Saving Money” to students of the secondary schools and universities of Mongolia and the financial lecture and training are objective to improve the financial literacy of children and young generation to manage their finance well-organized and appropriate habits. TransBank initiates the works and activities of corporate social responsibility annually for the campaign and implemented the good deeds “Share Positivity” and “Educated Citizen” in 2019. In scope of the good deed “Share Positivity”, TransBank has contributed donating to the non-governmental organization with the purpose of providing safe and convenient environment for the guests, children and elders who visit at “Nogoon Nuur Garden”.

In the framework of “The educated citizen”, we enhanced the book areas and donated English and Mongolian books of science, knowledge and fiction to the over 1600 students of 124th high school in Songinokhairkhan district, over 300 students of 29th Special secondary school and “Bumbardai” children’s library which was established voluntary by Khishigt S. who is 60 year-old resident of 10th khoroo, Bayanzurkh district contributing to the intelligence development of children.

In 2018, TransBank won the 1st place of “World Savings Day” campaign.