TransBank delivered MoneyGram in the bank services

Ever since the fastest MoneyGram remittance service with the worldwide network has entered the Mongolian market for the first time, Mongolians have sent and received remittances from anywhere in the world.

On June 14, 2018, the TransBank became the 7th member of MoneyGram from Mongolia to deliver its customers' service and signed a Cooperation Agreement. The signing ceremony was held in TDB's ceremony hall, and M.Otgonbayar, Chief Executive Director of TransBank, and L.Soronzonbold, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of TDB, signed the agreement on behalf of their banks.

Furthermore, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the MoneyGram service opening was held on June 18 in the settlement office on the 6th floor of the Shangri-La office. The other events were successfully organized at the Corporate office in Shangri-La office. M.Otgonbayar, Chief Executive Officer of TransBank, Ts. Gantulga, Director of Operations Department, Mr. D. Khurelbaatar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. P. Munkhart, Representative of TDB, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

TransBank customers can do inward and outward remittances by using MoneyGram service, which has the fastest and most reliable service in the world with over 350,000 service points in more than 200 countries, 300 branches of 7 banks in Mongolia, ATMs, and online banking service that can be done in 10 minutes without filling out any documents.