Receiving a request for IPO


Under the license to conduct underwriting activities, TransBank is cooperating as an underwriter to trade the initial public offering (IPO) of “Bodi Daatgal” LLC on the market, and we are receiving the requests of IPO investment until 01.00 PM on June 08, 2020.

The value of 11.7 million MNT shares of “Bodi Daatgal” LLC are offered to the public at a bid price between 113-135 MNT per share, and the total amount of 5.3-6.3 billion MNT funding will be raised.


The request of IPO investment is effective from May 25, 2020 until 04.00 PM on June 08, 2020 and the amount of 3 billion MNT IPO investment requests are confirmed as 57.7% by 11.00 AM on June 04, 2020.

For details, please click here.


If you would like to get more information or request to invest in the IPO, please contact TransBank and BDSec PSC employees at the information desk of Shangri-La Mall, the operation hours between 10.00 AM and 08.00 PM until June 07, 2020.


In addition, please visit the branches of TransBank or e-mail 


  • “Bodi Daatgal” LLC


  • Leading Underwriter: BDSec JSC
  • Partner Underwriter: “TransBank,” “Gauli” LLC
  • Legal Consultant: “ELC” LLP
  • Valutaion: “Gerege Estimate” LLC
  • Auditing: “BDO Audit” LLC



If you have an inquiry, please contact Call center 7716-9999 or visit at “Shangri-La Branch” and “Naran Branch” of TransBank.