People with visual impairment have been provided permanent employment at TransBank.


In corporate social responsibility of 2020, TransBank intends to increase the employment to the people with visual impairment.

According to the article 111.1 of Labor Law of Mongolia, Business entities and organizations with more than 25 employees shall employ in 4 percent or more of their jobs and positions the disabled and midgets, TransBank has started to provide the employment to the people with disabilities as a permanent from May 28, 2019.

Currently, the five shifts of permanent staffs with the visual impairment work at Central Branch of Shangri-La office and Urt Tsagaan Branch in order to prevent getting sick and disease of other employees of TransBank.

Furthermore, TransBank intends to implement the works of corporate social responsibility which support the people with disabilities in 2020.

The Bank, supports the people with disabilities.