Children's bank project


On the occasion of International Children's Day, TransBank, a supporter of financial literacy, has successfully launched a Children's Bank project due to provide financial education as a part of its corporate social responsibility.

The project is being implemented with the "Khuurkhun Shar Shuvuu" NGO. Within the second phase of the project, we will continue our partnership in the second phase of social content, classroom training, and programs to the children.

The project objective is to increase financial education, knowledge of the banking and financial sector, understand money and labor value, spend money wisely, and, most importantly, learn the financial discipline to children aged 3-12.

However, during Covid-19 in Mongolia, the classroom training is not allowed to be organized temporarily; children will be able to visit the mini bank branch of TransBank to increase their financial education if the quarantine is canceled.

Furthermore, TransBank is planning to make more social content of financial literacy to the individuals who will do start-up business, SMEs, and young generation.

Please visit here for more videos of financial literacy to the children.