TransBank collaborated as a general sponsor in a project “First Aid”


The scope of social responsibility, TransBank has cooperated as a general sponsor in a project “First Aid” every citizen are lifesaver, which is one of the project of JCI Ulaanbaatar Non-governmental organization to prevent and protect from accident for the children and signed for a memorandum of collaboration.

In 2019, JCI Ulaanbaatar NGO is implementing a project “First Aid” for the schools and kindergartens of Nalaikh Disctrict, Songinokhairkhan District and Khan-Uul District and TransBank cooperated in a project of Nalaikh District in order to train around 360 employees and the teachers of a school and 8 kindergartens for knowledge of first aid and provided First aid kits.

Last year, emergency calls of childbirth were 5.9% calls of sickness were 87.1% and calls of accident were 87.1% of the total emergency calls in Ulaanbaatar and in the result of survey, the most emergency calls of accident were 40% which were related to the children. The number of child mortalities were increased due to no first aid before emergency come.

Few days ago, the teachers who were attended in a first aid training, saved a 4-year-old child swallowed a battery at the kindergarten #119.