Share positivity


The scope of social responsibility, TransBank signed for a memorandum of donation objective to contribute to providing a safe environment for the elders, children, and visitors at "Nogoon Nuur Garden," which is located at 12th sub-district and 13th sub-district, Chingeltei District.

A founder of "Nogoon Nuur Garden" works for a safe and convenient environment and operates during the four seasons to host the visitors. There are 30,000 residents at the 12th sub-district and 13th sub-district, Chingeltei District, and 6000-8000 visitors during the summer season.

The non-governmental organization "Nogoon Nuur Garden" is one of the favorite places to spend time with the family and friends because of the works for the children of Chingeltei district such as teaching music, sport, English, mind developing and children library.

Furthermore, they plan to expand the operation and teaching program of figure skating, arts, ice hockey, healthy food, and financial literacy for free to the residents and children of the 12th sub-district and 13th sub-district Chingeltei District.

The donation from TransBank is one of the planned social responsibility work in 2019 under the name of "Share positivity" during the "World Savings Day" campaign.