Cyber Crime Prevention


In accordance with the report of a crime in Mongolia by February 2020, the fraud crimes have been increased by 0.2%, and the crimes against cyber information security have been increased 2 times. 40% of fraud crimes are committed through social media networks.


During the Mongolian government's announcement of a semi-quarantine due to prevent Covid-19, the online purchases have been increased approximately 2.5 times compared with the last year. Thus, kindly consider the following to prevent cybercrime.

  1. Please check the websites are official or guaranteed warranty during the online purchases;
  2. Please check the reviews or experience history of online purchases, if you do the online shopping with the individuals;
  3. Please double-check if websites show you the payment link instead of payment methods or payment section during the online purchases. Besides, refusing to pass your payment card information to others helps you protect yourself from cybercrime.


"The more persuasive, the more careful."