Sharing happiness to the children at “Gerel” Children’s care home


The representatives of TransBank has visited at the Children’s care home “Gerel” in Bayanzurkh district on International Children’s Day. Transbank do the works of social responsibility in the scope of 17 sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 to share positivity and become an examples in society as a responsible bank.

50% of the works and projects of social responsibility of TransBank in 2019 are tend to the children. The presents for the International Children’s Day and  household, food and stationery items were donated to the children of “Gerel” Children’s care home. At the same time, popular cartoon characters “Pororo” the little penguin and his friend “Crong” the little dinosaur were invited and entertained the children having fun and great day to sing and dance together with the children.