TransBank successfully participated in the World Savings Day campaign


The Worlds Savings Day was celebrated about 100 years on a global scale. This year TransBank has successfully participated in the World Savings Day campaign, under the slogan “Saving for the future life". In order to raise public awareness towards saving and acknowledge the importance of having saving for younger generation, we implement the following projects.

  1. From October 22 to October 26, we decorated our branch, which is located in Shangri-La office and provided information about the importance of saving to our clients.
  2. We offered a special discount on term deposit products such as “Golden coin” for secondary school students and “Smart saving” for the university students.
  3. The bank announced the winners of drawing contest among kids and teenager under the “Savings is our future” topic. Through this, we supported the financial literacy for our future generation. We have received numbers of children’s art work and besides the first, second, third place winners, TransBank has announced 3 more special places.
  4. We provided lecture on topic “Why financial literacy is important?” for 750 students from “Shine Mongol” secondary school, “Sant” secondary school, Mongolian National University, University of Finance and Economics and University of Humanities students. The essay competition was announced among students on topic “Saving is our future” and during the competition, the bank received about 200 essays. Moreover, students from Mongolian National University, Shikhikhutug University, Buyant-Ukhaa secondary school, 24th secondary school, 31st secondary school have sent their essays and in total the bank gave to the winners 1.5 million MNT.
  5. As our social responsibility in 2018, our bank was able to help a girl, G.Yanjinlkham 17 year old orphan, who was diagnosed with a liver cancer. This charity event was under the slogan of “Savings for Good”. The journey started when TransBank and its employees organized a trip to “Tsetsee Gun”, where plastic bags and other trashes were collected and given for recycling. Our company was able to collect 1 million 300 thousand tugrik with the help of donation box. We presented generous donation on November 15, 2019.